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Only True Riverdale Fans Can Get 100% On This Quiz

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    All the episode titles are based on what?

    Book chapter titles
    Song Lyrics
    The Riverdale executive producer noted that naming the episode titles after older films is on purpose in order to hint at what will happen in the episode.

    Riverdale Trivia Quiz

    Riverdale is an American television series based on the characters from the Archie Comics. It was adapted for The CW by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and the first season premiered on January 26, 2017. The show is set in the present day and follows the story of Archie Andrews and his friends as they navigate the ups, downs and troubles of adolescence in the idyllic town of Riverdale. Riverdale has grown a popular fan base over the course of its six seasons due to its dark and suspenseful plotlines, and its talented and attractive cast. The show is full of drama, suspense, and romantic relationships and is full of familiar characters and story lines for fans of the comics.

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    The show has been praised for its diverse cast and its willingness to tackle tough topics, like teen suicide and drug addiction. Its complex story makes for entertaining and challenging questions to test your knowledge on the show. Riverdale has won many awards including the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Drama and has been nominated for various other awards. Riverdale has become one of The CW’s most popular shows and has a passionate and dedicated fanbase.

    The small town of Riverdale is full of secrets, and the show’s characters are always getting themselves into new and exciting situations and the characters on Riverdale are some of the most interesting and complex characters on television today. From the brooding and mysterious Archie Andrews to the feisty and headstrong Betty Cooper, there is a character for everyone to love. The show does an excellent job of developing each character and making them multi-dimensional.

    Riverdale is full of mysteries, and each season seems to bring even more. From the murder of Jason Blossom in season one, to the disappearance of Jughead Jones in season two, there is always something for the characters to solve. The mysteries are always well-written and keep viewers guessing until the very end. The show is addicting and always leaves viewers wanting more.

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    How much do you remember?

    Do you remember all the small details about the world of Archie and his friends? The world of Riverdale is a complex storyline, so how much do you actually remember? This trivia quiz is perfect and see how much you actually know about the world of Riverdale. The quiz is designed to test knowledge of all levels of fans. If you’re a true fan of the show, then we have no doubt you’ll be able to get 100%. So, if you want to test yourself, show you’re a true Riverdale fan and entertain yourself along the way then grab a seat, and get ready! Good luck!