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Only A Superfan Will Get 20/20 On This Difficult Vampire Diaries Quiz

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    How did Damon escape from the Salvatore basement after he was locked up there by Stefan?

    He found a secret passage
    Used his connection with Caroline
    He killed Zach
    He used his vampire's powers
    While Damon did snap Zach's neck in the process, it was ultimately his summoning of Caroline that allowed him to escape.

    The Vampire Diaries Difficult Quiz

    When it comes to supernatural teen dramas, there is one series that will immediately come to everyone’s mind. No other series can hold a candle to the wonder that is the vampire diaries. There is no person out there who hasn’t watched at least one episode of this long running tv series. It premiered on the CW in 2009 and continued on for 8 more years with multiple spin-offs (such as The Originals), and has collected a wonderfully large fandom. Speaking of spin-offs, don’t forget to try out our Originals quiz!

    Of course, with such a large fandom there are a plethora of trivia quizzes available all over the internet, but they are all very simple. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this quiz is unlike all the other ones you have previously attempted. This is the most difficult trivia session you could ever hope to find for Vampire Diaries.

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    How Well Do You Know the Series?

    A true fan of The Vampire Diaries would be able to pass this difficult vampire diaries quiz easily with flying colors, but are you up to mark? The time jumps, the side-characters, and of course all the little tidbits about our favorite characters including but not limited to Elena, Steven, and Damon. This trivia quiz is the ultimate step to prove your loyalty to this vast fandom, and show that you are indeed a true fan.

    Get all your vampire diaries trivia knowledge ready because we have you in for a ride. This isn’t an ordinary quiz that you can pass by knowing just your favorite characters. No matter how great of fan you consider yourself, there are questions that are sure to leave you scratching your head. Only the truest followers will be able to make it to the end, so don’t take this lightly.

    How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Characters?

    Even people who haven’t watched the show can name the main characters like Damon and Elena but isn’t it time to step out of the box? Do you remember the side characters? Do you know their names, their most important lines, their backstories in the plot? Only someone who has watched this series with the ultimate dedication will know the minor details about Caroline, Jenna, and others even after all this time has passed since the pilot first aired.

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    Are you ready?

    If you feel up to the challenge, then move ahead to The Vampire Diaries Difficult Quiz. We promise that only the most well-informed candidates will be able to answer the questions. Do you have what it takes to face this challenge? If yes, then go ahead with the quiz and be amazed!

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