Landscaping Trivia: Do You Have What It Takes To Get 100%?

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Which style(s) belong to the Mediterranean style?

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Old world
All of them



The Tuscan decorating style shares a lot of similarities because it borders the Mediterranean coast. It differs, however, as it takes its inspiration from mainly Italy rather than the whole Mediterranean.

Landscaping Trivia

So many are flocking to this hobby daily. If you want to be a part of this plant-driven revolution or if you want to brush up on your existing knowledge, then this landscaping trivia is the perfect start to get you going! Be assured that while we don’t build easy quizzes, true landscaping specialists should get 100% on this landscaping quiz with ease, and if you don’t class yourself as a specialist, there should be plenty of new information, and we hope to help with that!

Gardening and Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most well-known hobbies and professions today, and there is a truly never-ending amount of information to learn on the subject. You can always improve your landscaping skills, and that’s our goal, to improve your skills! If you come away from this landscaping quiz with even one new thing learned, then its a win! Whether you are landscaping just as a hobby or in the professional scene, whether you are working with flowers and plants, terrain or lighting, this landscaping trivia aims to test and grow (pun intended 😉 ) your existing knowledge of the intricate landscaping and gardening world.

When you think about landscaping, what do you imagine? Are you picturing yourself wandering the garden amidst a forest of flowers, or do you picture lush gardens and park areas? Do you dream of working your land, tending to plants, and creating the picturesque scape that your neighbors will envy? There is one thing you’ll need for sure before embarking on your landscaping journey…. knowledge! This landscaping trivia will set you down on your landscaping expertise journey! Who knew there was so much of it to learn?

Landscaping is more than just plants and trees; some would say an art form. While everyone can grow plants and flowers, not everyone can do it to the level of a landscaping expert whose job is to bring the best out of the land at hand. To improve land into something much better, something that’s not always just pretty to look at. Do you think you have this ability? Take these landscaping quiz questions to find out how much you know!

Here is some landscaping facts to get your mind warmed up:

If you shade an outdoor air conditioner unit using a tree, you can increase its efficiency up to 10%.
Not only working on your garden but even just looking at it can decrease stress!
Landscaping is great for increasing the value of your property! Some research shows up to 20%!
The US landscaping industry generates an estimated $74 Billion!

Do you think you know all there is to know? Can you name all the different styles and principles? Or do you just want to see how much you know about the world of landscaping? How about taking this landscaping trivia to see if you’ve got what it takes to get 100%!