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Only Die-Hard Raiders Can Get 100% On This Destiny 2 Quiz

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    Who has control of The Leviathan?

    Val ca'our
    Valus Ta'arc
    Emperor Calus and his loyalists were arrested and exiled aboard The Leviathan to be taken far into the cosmos on a pre-programmed course.

    Destiny 2 Quiz

    How much do you remember from the Destiny 2 game? Do you know when it was released initially and by whom? Do you remember where ghosts get their power? Who rules the House of Wolves? Do you think of what happened to the Helium King? If you are confident that you know all about Destiny 2, it’s time to challenge your understanding by taking this Destiny 2 quiz.

    According to our estimation, only a true Destiny 2 player can score over 90 percent. If you consider yourself to be one, then our Destiny 2 quiz is the best way to test your knowledge.

    Destiny 2

    Destiny is a free online-only multiplayer first-person shooter. It was first released in 2017 as a pay-to-play game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Destiny 2 is the sequel of Destiny 2014 and its subsequent expansions.

    Destiny 2 is among the most popular games at present. It has a considerable number of active players each day. Since the release, more than three years ago, it still manages to have numerous active players. A huge applaud to this game’s creators is that they are working hard to add new content to keep the game fresh and alive.

    This game has a mythic science fiction plot, but it is as detailed and complex as real life. This game’s activities are distributed among player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) game types. You can complete the story missions and unravelled overarching plots of the game solo or with a fireteam. The fireteam is your squad. The number of players in the fireteam varies. They can be total strangers or online friends.

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    Some of the popular modes:

    • Strikes are specialized missions that fireteams of three players can only complete.
    • The crucible is destiny’s competitive PvP multiplayer, offering loots by completing various maps and modes like control, where players fight to capture and hold three points across the map.
    • The raid is an operative mission that tests even the most seasoned destiny players. The best loot in the game is earned here.

    Who are we kidding, you know this already right? If you don’t then you have a seriously tough time ahead of you in this Destiny 2 quiz.

    What Destiny Is About?

    There would be no destiny without the traveler, a mysterious sphere hanging above the earth. No one knows where it came from, but it sought humanity to expand across the solar system, terraforming planets and lending a chosen few, called guardians, the power of its light.

    Light is the force underpinning all of Destiny’s gameplay and functions like magic, allowing you to do devastating attack. The more light you have, the more you can take on challenging missions.

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    You play as a guardian, chosen by the traveler and imbued with the power of light to defend earth against hostile alien forces. You can create up to three guardians at a time. Here are some options:

    • Hunter: Hunters are instantly recognizable by their hooded cloaks. They are specialized in agility, stealth, and precision weaponry.
    • Warlock: Warlocks have the quickest recovery time of the three classes. Their supers are spectacular.
    • Tower: It was the base of operations in the first destiny and the vanguard and guardians’ home. It was destroyed at the beginning of destiny, and the game’s story centers around recovering from its loss.
    • Cabal: They are aggressive and highly armored military specialists. They are the main antagonists who seek to steal the traveler’s light and exercise their power for themselves.
    • Fallen: They are commonly known as spider pirates. They are an agile enemy that can turn invisible during combat.

    Get ready

    We’ve laid out some of the basics of Destiny to hopefully refresh what might have been forgotten, however, you should already know these beginner specifics if you plan to tackle this Destiny 2 quiz. The trivia is designed to test more experienced players, though you may find yourself answering some more basic questions built to test those newer to the game. We want this quiz to be open for all levels of experience while still providing a tough challenge for even those that have mastered the game. Can you get 100%?