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Attack on Titan Quiz: Are you able to help defeat the Titans?

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    What episode does Reiner expose his true allegiances?

    Close Combat
    The Hunters

    Attack on Titan Quiz

    The popularity of anime and manga has grown massively recently. While Attack on Titan is relatively new, it’s become extremely popular, with its creator Hajime Isayama having a fundamental role in its success. It’s a story of humanity’s last stand against the Titans, giant creatures who seek to destroy us. The anime has captured the imagination of fans around the world, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. 

    If you’ve never heard of Attack on Titan, it’s one of Japan’s most beloved and exciting manga series. It’s also one of the most controversial anime cartoons in the country. A large portion of the original Japanese audience, especially the young adults, are turned off by the severe and mature content in Attack on Titan. However, this hasn’t stopped it from receiving several awards and has been a bestseller in several countries. 

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    The series is based on titans, giant creatures who roam the Earth and hunt for humans to devour. The Titans are a fearsome foe, but humanity has one advantage: the Survey Corps. Survey Corps’ is a group of young children who serve as soldiers, defending their home planet from the band of giants. The Survey Corps is humanity’s best hope against the Titans but they’re up against impossible odds. Every mission is a suicide mission, and the casualties are high. The Survey Corps soldiers fight on, because they know that it’s the only way to protect the people they love.

    In terms of characters, you have Pilaster, the Survey Corps leader. The squad also has Grinder, a specialist with guns; Stazon, another specialist with firearms; and Reyson, a giant robot operator. The show also has many notable Titan characters, such as Titan Mode, whom the Survey Corps admires since he can transform into a super robot, and Orga, a male Titan who served as an orderly and quiet guardian.

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    Can you pass the quiz?

    The series has many minute details that you may miss, even as a huge fan. Trivia quizzes are an excellent way for a fan of a topic to test their knowledge; this quiz is no exception. We’ve designed this quiz to be challenging no matter your skill level. So, how much do you remember on the show? Do you think you can pass this quiz with flying colors? Take this Attack on Titan quiz and find out if you are knowledgeable enough to join the group and battle against the titans yourself!