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80s Pop Culture Trivia: Can You Pass This Ultimate Quiz?

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    Which famous singer sadly died at 40 after being shot in the back?

    Jim Morrison
    John Lennon
    Elvis Presley
    David Bowie

    80s Pop Culture Trivia

    Are you an 80s child and feel nostalgic for the pop culture of the famous decade? If not an 80s kid, then you might have consumed a lot of 80s culture through the likes of film, TV, and music. Do you consider yourself an 80s pop culture master? Do you think you know everything there is to know about the 80s? If yes, then let us test your knowledge. Can you name all the members of Queen and their first singles? What about the name of the game boy’s successor? Take our 80s pop culture trivia quiz to check how much you remember about the decade.

    80s Pop Culture

    The 80s was a decade full of vibrant neon colors, catchy tunes, great hair, cult classic films, and much more. At the start of this decade, America was still very much hung-over from the weirdness of the 60s and 70s. However, this did not stop the 80s from defining itself in a completely new way. Clashed clothes, unscaled heights of hair, and all kinds of synthesizers wrapped pop music. For 80s kids, the decade wes an iconic and unique period, from Transformers to Marty with Back to the future. That is truly only the tip of the iceberg; there is a lot to recall about the truly infamous decade that will continue to supply nostalgia for many years to come.

    The 70s was the era of glam rock and disco music that swung sharply toward true pop in the 80s. Many big bands and pop stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Bangles, and The Gogos started their careers in the 80s. The decade of the 80s is not all about superficial fluff and hairband rock; however, it was the dream decade for some Earth-shattering artists, as they saw the skyrocket of their singing careers in these years. At that time, TV channels ran for 24 hours, fashion was bright and fleshy, and video games became mainstream. The members of later generations have a fascination with the pop culture of the 80s.

    Some interesting facts before taking this 80s pop culture quiz:

    • “The Little People” refers to soft and sculpted dolls, “The Cabbage Patch Kids.”
    • Eddie Murphy became a part of the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1981. It was a comedy series.
    • Max Headroom was the first Al Television host in 1984.
    • Mario Bros was the most popular video game in the 1980s.
    • VHS stands for Video Home System. It was first commercially released in the 1970s and served as the next decade’s primary home video technology system in Japan and America. After the invention of DVDs, its sale sharply lowered. However, the 80s kids have much to recall about these videocassette recorders.

    You may think you know everything about the decade, but we can assure you there is still plenty to learn. This quiz aims to test your existing knowledge of pop culture in the 80s while teaching you a thing or two. Or maybe you can get all the questions, right? Let’s find out! This quiz is a perfect option to recall the fascinating era of 80s pop culture. Bring back the nostalgia and see how much you remember.